Pan City Projects

In last 7 years, SCADL has implemented projects to improve the efficiency of municipal services and facilitate ease of living for citizens. Our efforts have been recognized at various platforms and we have received award from Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Smart City Mission (SCM) Projects

ICCC Project – Safe and Secure Ahmedabad (SASA)

  • Video walls for real-time monitoring of city functions through 6,000+ surveillance cameras – traffic junctions, market, area of importance, govt. buildings like water works, parks, hospitals, community centers, and schools.
  • Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) monitor real time traffic conditions and use artificial intelligence as well as machine learning technology to improve signal timing.
  • Integrated System with over 30,000 sensors, surveillance devices, on-premise data centre and data analytic tools to help city function in smart and effective manner.
  • Public address system and Variable Message Displays (VMDs) to disseminate information to citizens in the audio-visual format.


Citizen Complaint & Grievance Redressal System (CCRS)

Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System (CCRS) is an online platform available to the citizens 24×7 to lodge their grievances to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) on any subject related to AMC services. It is a single platform connected to all departments (water, Street Light, Eng. Road, SWM, Garden etc.) of AMC. All depts have role-based access to this system, and they have to resolve the complaint in stipulated time. CCRS has simplified the long procedure to simply lodge a complaint.

Refer to the link below for the CCRS application and website.

Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS)

Integrated Transit Management System (ITMS) is a project with a total cost of 186 crores providing a common IT Backbone for real-time monitoring of both BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) and AMTS fleets for Public Transport and providing people-centric, environment-friendly, safe, efficient and an integrated transport system compatible with proposed developments in Ahmedabad.

The AMTS-BRTS application can be downloaded using the link below.

Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS)

Aims to automate fare collection mechanisms and technology within the transport ecosystem (BRTS & AMTS). It is integrated with the AMC’s CCPS (City Card Payment System) to enable payments. Thus, a single card under National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Standard is proposed for the public transport sector

Smart Heritage

The historic walled city of Ahmedabad is the first city in India to be inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage City list of 2017. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has recognized the need to preserve the city’s culture and it’s age-old heritage. The Ahmedabad smart heritage application, provides interesting facts and information about 100 heritage sites, promoting Ahmedabad’s local culture. It’s customizable tour planning, Feedback & FAQ section and Integration with various tourist applications makes tourism more sustainable in the city. Bluetooth beacons and QR code scanning shows a perfect example of how information can be disseminated to public using technology other than using physical means near the cultural sites.

The Smart Heritage app can be downloaded using the link below.

Water Network SCADA

Installation of flow & Pressor Sensors in distribution network to monitor of leakages through online dashboard and mobile app. This project has been implemented with objective of Optimize existing water supply network by reducing leakages and maintaining desired water pressure in water pipeline for citizens and businesses.Strengthen the monitoring and supervision of water operation by getting real time data. Provide alert in case of deviation to set parameters and automatic direct reporting to all concerned Engineers and officials of AMC.

Smart Street Lights

Upgradation of existing streetlights to Smart LED streetlights via controllers that provide significant power savings via dimming through ambient light sensing. This project helped in improving burning ratio from 86% to 95% in the last one year. Smart Street Light Controller (14200 no.) to cover 25,000 streetlights through a Dashboard and centralized monitoring system.

Smart Library

A smart library management system that offers a Digital Learning Platform, RFID-based automation of MJ library, Smart Card, Online book catalog, Online membership, and fee payment​. Digitized 3.8 lacs+ books and have successfully onboarded 25,000 members till now.

Click the link below to visit the Smart Library website and Download mobile Apps

Smart Toilets

Smart public toilet is a modular, prefabricated public toilet made of robust material and is integrated with user-friendly electronic interfaces. It contains sophisticated unmanned, automated capabilities. Smart public toilets have separate cabins for male and female usage.

About 36 smart toilets are installed across Ahmedabad city which offer the following features: Automated Cleaning, IoT Sensor, Mobile App, Coin-Validator Entry, Sanitary Napkin Bending Machine.

Smart Parking (AMDAPARK)

Smart Parking Mobile Application was envisaged to be developed to address the cities growing needs for parking. The Mobile Application has Four Modules i.e. User Module, Administrator Module, Concessionaire Module, Enforcement Module, all these together will help citizens to book an parking slot in desired locations.

You can download AMDAPARK app by clicking the link below.

Public Bike Sharing (AMDABIKE)

Public Bicycle Sharing system to ensure first and last-mile connectivity with public transport on affordable rate. Ahmedabad City has provided space for bi-cycle stations and two warehouses. Smart city Ahmedabad has ensured a presence of about 500 bi-cycles across the city for better connectivity.

You can download the MYBYK app by clicking the link below

New Initiative through CIX Platform

AI integration with Drone for Controlled Monitoring solutions of Traffic, Roads, and Infrastructure

Drone-basedsystem is utilized to monitor City as well as Road Infrastructure Monitoring- Defects in Roads, Obstructions in Roads, Illegal parking /stopping on roads, Construction in progress, Traffic Signage, Horticulture etc. The project includes the identification of multiple defects in the city including discolored speed brakes, Illegal
stalls, garbage on the road, Broken headlights etc. . All the events are monitored via an analytical dashboard which is updated on daily basis and generates actionable insights. This project enhances the current city monitoring techniques.

City Monitoring using Smartphones and Dashcams

The city infrastructure as well as events and issues present on the road ismonitored by using Mini Car Dash Camera which has deployed across fleet vehicles in the city. The Dashcam have the capability and software solution to automatically capture events and issues occurring on the road while the vehicle is moving on the city roads. This project displays the effective combined use of public transport system and AI technology.

AI Powered Municipal Automation, Worker Attendance and Compliance Monitoring

This solution deployed to serves as an one-stop solution to worker attendance monitoring, surveyor monitoring, work compliance monitoring, grievance redressal as well as issue detection. It includes monitoring of MCD workers for daily attendance including in and out time as well as the time given by each worker on the allotted location.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking aims to entirely automate parking system in public places. These devices installed ensure that citizens can pay and park without any hassle with the help of single click. It ensures an enhanced thief protection system helping citizens to park wherever and whenever they want stress-free. The software is also track the amount of time the vehicle is parked, and user can check the payment details in the application and make necessary payment directly through the app. This makes this system more efficient, paper-less and with minimum human intervention.

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